Mary Baker Duncan

Mary Baker Duncan was born on an April afternoon in 1986 on the patio outside our trailer in Tucson, one kitten in a litter of 5. When we moved into this trailer park, we began feeding the many strays and we became especially close with a female cat that we named Branwen, also known as Brownie. When we noticed that she was pregnant, I built her a little cat house in the hopes that she’d choose to deliver her babies in it and that we could help keep them safe in this rough and tough neighborhood. Read the rest of this entry »

Are You A Shaman?

A dear friend asked me the other day if I am a shaman. I almost jumped out of my skin as I wonder about that quite a bit these days and I felt a higher consciousness challenging me, through my friend, to take a stand on the matter. So I took a deep breath and answered him with as much conviction as I could muster. “I’m training to be one.” Then I added hopefully, “I’d like to be a shaman.” Read the rest of this entry »

Personal and Planetary Transformation

If you have visited our website, you’ve seen the phase “personal and planetary transformation” on our home page. Do you wonder what we mean by that? I ponder it often as I look for ways to act upon it in my daily life. To shed some light on it, let’s start with the definition of transformation: Read the rest of this entry »

One Of His Shepherds

In 1993, I found myself at a fork in the road called my life. When it came to my career, I had not been following my heart but my head. While I had achieved certain accomplishments, I had not found lasting joy or satisfaction in my work. My self-image was battered enough that I was unable to listen to or trust my heart, my intuition in these matters. So I stuck with logic in trying to develop a better course of action. Never mind that logic alone had been consistently failing me! I stubbornly persisted, thinking that I just had to try harder. (I think that’s what AA states as the definition of insanity!) Read the rest of this entry »

Conveying Souls To The Light

Inga and I were recently asked to cleanse an apartment of any astral entities before the new renters moved in. This would be the first time Inga and I have collaborated on such a task so I asked what she’d like me to do. She suggested that I follow her from room to room as she checked for the presence of entities with her pendulum and “smudged” each room with cedar smoke while I “sealed” each room with white light. I learned this sealing technique from White Elk, my spiritual teacher, in response to my nightly sleep often being interrupted by uninvited astral “guests”. Read the rest of this entry »

Souls On The Little Bighorn Battlefield

The more my good friend Joe kept insisting that we motorcycle out to the Little Bighorn Battlefield in Montana, the more I insisted that I had little interest in going there. To humor him, I finally assented and we made plans to go. A dear friend at work who has been there couldn’t wait to hear what happened when I visited the site and I assured her that her glee and anticipation were for naught. This was going to be a Joe thing, not a Scott thing. Yeah, right! Read the rest of this entry »

The Elementals

The only problem with all this astral travel stuff I’ve been doing is that it makes me realize how totally inadequate my worldview is. At the same time and maybe for the first time in my life, I’m overcoming my Protestant upbringing and realizing that I don’t have to feel guilty about it. After all, my white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant culture has done absolutely nothing to prepare me for the multi-dimensional existence that is unfolding inside me. Since I’m not wasting time on the guilt thing, I can get right down to the task of how to upgrade my worldview and integrate it into my daily life. Read the rest of this entry »

The Blueprint Of My Lifetime

The big advantage to living with a world class astrologer is that I can get readings as often as I need. Inga and I have worked with my natal chart many times over the years and of course, I study my solar return chart with her each year on my birthday so I know what growth issues I face in the year ahead. Even with as many readings as I have had, I’m still awed by how the natal chart truly is a blueprint for my lifetime. It precisely shows what resources I have to work with and what challenges I face in order to build my “house”. Read the rest of this entry »

That Aries Feeling!

Can you feel it? That Aries energy is in the air and my normal fire energy approach to life burns even hotter! I’m volunteering for monumental projects at work and I can barely maintain the day to day stuff. At home, I’m planning all kinds of activities like motorcycle rides and backpacking trips months in advance and working on projects to the detriment of my maintenance activities like yoga, sleep and having fun. Unfortunately, planning fun activities does not constitute actually doing something fun. Rats! Read the rest of this entry »

Trust and Faith 101

So here we are in Pisces and I find myself contemplating the issue of faith. This “faith” thing is a real challenge for me. I need it, I want it and it’s a wonder to behold when I feel it but I really struggle to get a handle on it. Why is that? Read the rest of this entry »