Blowing Bubbles

If you read Pisces 2004, you know that I engaged that water energy in a big way by taking up SCUBA again after a 22 year hiatus. I have put myself through a basic SCUBA course and have aced all the written exams as I only needed to make minor adjustments here and there to my knowledge of the sport. The pool time was a blast and the old skills I described in Pisces came online the instant I got wet. There is something really cool about sitting on the bottom of the pool blowing bubbles! Read the rest of this entry »

Mary Baker Duncan

Mary Baker Duncan was born on an April afternoon in 1986 on the patio outside our trailer in Tucson, one kitten in a litter of 5. When we moved into this trailer park, we began feeding the many strays and we became especially close with a female cat that we named Branwen, also known as Brownie. When we noticed that she was pregnant, I built her a little cat house in the hopes that she’d choose to deliver her babies in it and that we could help keep them safe in this rough and tough neighborhood. Read the rest of this entry »

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I knew I was overdue for a vacation, especially with the extreme chaos of the past 12 months at work. And yet, it really didn’t sink in how out of shape my body/spirit/mind alignment was until I got in the saddle and took off on an 8-day motorcycle tour of Glacier National Park in Montana and the Canadian Rockies. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m An Earthling

I’ve been thinking about what benefit I gain from interacting with Elementals. As an adult, if this interaction doesn’t result in some sort of transformation, then it’s nothing more than just a creative exercise for my imagination and intuition. That certainly is beneficial for me but that Virgo sun sign of mine demands that I learn, explore and build holistic systems that yield sustainable, transformative outcomes. As the Summer Solstice came, I wondered what significance it really holds for us and then it hit me — who really cares about the solstice unless their worldview is expansive enough to include it? Read the rest of this entry »

What Can I Reliably Control In My Life?

I discovered a surefire way to dramatically elevate my anxiety level. All I have to do is try to control or guarantee the outcome of a situation. Works like magic every time! If I stick to what I can control, then I’m fine. So what can I reliably control? My actions: what I say and how I move my body and the energy, or emotions, that I hold within my body. Beyond that, I’m pushing others to follow my will and there are a number of problems with that: Read the rest of this entry »

A Hypnotic State

“I’m not sure I can be hypnotized.” Inga and I hear that a lot and that intrigues us because as we’ve explored the astral and spirit realms, we’ve come to think of the reality of the conscious, logical mind as the “trance” or hypnotic state. Why? Read the rest of this entry »

Are You A Shaman?

A dear friend asked me the other day if I am a shaman. I almost jumped out of my skin as I wonder about that quite a bit these days and I felt a higher consciousness challenging me, through my friend, to take a stand on the matter. So I took a deep breath and answered him with as much conviction as I could muster. “I’m training to be one.” Then I added hopefully, “I’d like to be a shaman.” Read the rest of this entry »

Personal and Planetary Transformation

If you have visited our website, you’ve seen the phase “personal and planetary transformation” on our home page. Do you wonder what we mean by that? I ponder it often as I look for ways to act upon it in my daily life. To shed some light on it, let’s start with the definition of transformation: Read the rest of this entry »

One Of His Shepherds

In 1993, I found myself at a fork in the road called my life. When it came to my career, I had not been following my heart but my head. While I had achieved certain accomplishments, I had not found lasting joy or satisfaction in my work. My self-image was battered enough that I was unable to listen to or trust my heart, my intuition in these matters. So I stuck with logic in trying to develop a better course of action. Never mind that logic alone had been consistently failing me! I stubbornly persisted, thinking that I just had to try harder. (I think that’s what AA states as the definition of insanity!) Read the rest of this entry »

The "Oh Shit" Report

You know how you’ll be going along in life and at some point you become aware that pressure is building up deep within your mind? Pressure to do something, to change your life somehow? At first, you feel a bit restless but as the pressure builds, you become flat out uncomfortable. If you are like me, you’ll start inventorying your life and wonder what you’re doing wrong. Finding nothing too terribly out of line, I make a desperate call to my astrologer and ask, “What the hell is going on???” Read the rest of this entry »