Freya, The Norse Goddess of Love

Freyas photo in the adoption ad

We have a new family member, a four legged and furry one. It always happens shortly after the loss of a family member to old age or sickness, despite our fervent protestations that it will not. We start talking about how it will be nice to have a smaller family; a less stress and work sort of thing. Sounds good logically but apparently, our hearts never agree. And so, the Universe and our higher selves conspire and next thing you know, along comes a synchronistic event for us to recognize and then make a choice about whether or not to act on it. Read the rest of this entry »

What Can I Reliably Control In My Life?

I discovered a surefire way to dramatically elevate my anxiety level. All I have to do is try to control or guarantee the outcome of a situation. Works like magic every time! If I stick to what I can control, then I’m fine. So what can I reliably control? My actions: what I say and how I move my body and the energy, or emotions, that I hold within my body. Beyond that, I’m pushing others to follow my will and there are a number of problems with that: Read the rest of this entry »