What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I knew I was overdue for a vacation, especially with the extreme chaos of the past 12 months at work. And yet, it really didn’t sink in how out of shape my body/spirit/mind alignment was until I got in the saddle and took off on an 8-day motorcycle tour of Glacier National Park in Montana and the Canadian Rockies. Read the rest of this entry »

Clan Donnachaidh

While I was walking around the clan tents at the Scottish Highland Games the year Braveheart hit the theatres, I saw this great poster outside the Wallace Clan tent. They had a life size image of Mel Gibson dressed up as William Wallace and the poster said, “You’ve seen the movie, now party with the real thing!” That’s very indicative of many of us modern day Scottish Highlanders. Without any battles to fight to prove our warrior prowess and bravery, we tend to focus that martial intensity on partying and motorcycling. Read the rest of this entry »