Freya Gets A Little Brother

Stephanie, Robbie & Freya at Starbucks

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve adopted another rescued dog as a companion for Freya and I’ve got a few pictures to share with those of you who haven’t met him in person yet. His name is Robbie and he’s approximately 7 months old and still a puppy although he’s now up to 60+ lbs. The dog shelter listed him as a German Shepherd mix but we’ve been told by people at the dog training center we’ve been taking him to that he’s most likely a Chinook. This is a rare, American breed that was developed for use as a sled dog and Robbie fits the breed standard to a tee. Read the rest of this entry »

What A Year It Has Been

Well, what a year it has been, eh? It certainly has been rich with challenges and blessings for me. I’ve been through so much this year that I had to sit down and chart it out to reflect properly on it all. Here’s a summary of what I came up with: Read the rest of this entry »

Why Is There A Duck In The Backyard?

Our backyard visitor

We awoke one morning recently to find a strange visitor in our backyard. This duck lingered for several hours before departing. We had no suitable food to offer but we did fill up Freya’s kiddie pool in case it felt like going for a swim. It didn’t. It just waddled around the backyard, quacking softly, while watching our house. A messenger? A traveler looking for a safe place to rest? Who knows but we felt blessed to have such a visitor in our yard. Read the rest of this entry »

Money In The Fridge

Hows this for gratitude?

The strange happenings continue at our house. I opened the refrigerator to check the beer supply after our last open house only to find it fairly decimated and much to my surprise, a defaced ten dollar bill. Grateful guest? Mischievous elemental? Lord knows around here. Stuff has been disappearing and reappearing quite a bit lately. Read the rest of this entry »

The Forest Dingo

Freya on Mocs lawn

Freya, our German Shepherd, is currently away at summer camp for two weeks. It’s actually intensive, one-on-one training and I was referring to it as doggie boot camp, thinking it was going to be hard on her due to the separation anxiety Freya was experiencing along with her general lack of confidence around strangers. But Inga knew better and was telling Freya prior to going that it was like Hogwarts for dogs. Sure enough, as we read the first daily reports coming in from camp via e-mail, we could feel her happiness and sense of adventure. Read the rest of this entry »

Freya, The Norse Goddess of Love

Freyas photo in the adoption ad

We have a new family member, a four legged and furry one. It always happens shortly after the loss of a family member to old age or sickness, despite our fervent protestations that it will not. We start talking about how it will be nice to have a smaller family; a less stress and work sort of thing. Sounds good logically but apparently, our hearts never agree. And so, the Universe and our higher selves conspire and next thing you know, along comes a synchronistic event for us to recognize and then make a choice about whether or not to act on it. Read the rest of this entry »