A Visit To A Silent World

Inga and I were digging through some old papers the other day and we came across an essay I wrote in 1975, my junior year of high school. It was published in the school’s literary journal. As I retype it here, it’s really hard to not edit it, to improve on the prose of a 17 year old but I’ve resisted temptation. So here it is in its original form. I hope you enjoy it. Read the rest of this entry »

Blowing Bubbles

If you read Pisces 2004, you know that I engaged that water energy in a big way by taking up SCUBA again after a 22 year hiatus. I have put myself through a basic SCUBA course and have aced all the written exams as I only needed to make minor adjustments here and there to my knowledge of the sport. The pool time was a blast and the old skills I described in Pisces came online the instant I got wet. There is something really cool about sitting on the bottom of the pool blowing bubbles! Read the rest of this entry »

Diver Dan Returns To The Sea

Well, it’s time to learn something new, time to stretch the old brain cells. It’s feeling a little dusty upstairs. So what’s it going to be?

  • Piano lessons? (Nah! I’ll get all hung up in how bad I am at first.)
  • Take up the accordion? (That can wait until I’m older. No rush.)
  • Sing in a professional choir or barbershop quartet? (Nah, I’m still bummed that I’m no longer a tenor. Sorry Teri!)
  • Learn some new programming language? (Nah! I’m craving something physical.)
  • Fencing? (Nope! Too many rules!)
  • Ah! How ’bout ballroom dancing! (Nuts!) Read the rest of this entry »